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• Celia Guergouz - 

The Duketon Belt: New Release

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• Louis Gauthier - 

Golden Mile Architecture and timing relationships

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• Dr Gerard Tripp - 

Neoarchean Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia

SEG Special Publication Number 23 Geology of the World’s Major Gold Deposits and Provinces

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• Sarah Jones - Unravelling the D1 event: Evidence for early granite-up, greenstone-down tectonics in the Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia

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• Ivan Zibra - The Eastern Goldfields High Resolution Seismic Survey: preliminary interpretation and tectonic implications 

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• Scott Halley – Geochemical Signatures of Archean Gold Deposits Click here to see photos

• Marcus Harden –The Bellevue Gold Project – A Forgotten Treasure. Click here to see photos

• Simon Bolster – The “Regolith Factor” in mineral exploration and practical ways of dealing with it, with emphasis on the Eastern Goldfields. Click here to see photos

• Sarah Jones (Chief Structural Geologist, Gold Fields Ltd) – Deformation and mineralisation in the Agnew District: evidence of D1 and D3-related gold deposition. Click here to see photos



• Gerard Tripp (Consultant Economic Geologist)

Gidji Lake Formation – Key stratigraphic marker for world class gold deposits of Kalgoorlie. Click here to see photos

• Quinton Hennigh (Chairman & President, Novo Resources Corp) – Conglomerate-hosted gold in the Pilbara. Click here to view video


GSWA in the Goldfields

• Hugh Smithies – A new look at lamprophyres and sanukitoids (hornblende-plagioclase porphyries) and their relationships to the Black Flag Group and gold prospectivity.


• Klaus Gessner – The Eastern Goldfields high-resolution seismic survey: what, where, when and why….


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• Tyron Edgar (Senior Exploration Geologist, Evolution Mining) – Geology of the Broads Dam Project. Click here to see photos


• Martin Gole (Consultant Economic Geologist) –

Komatiite facies variations in the Eastern Goldfields: implications for Ni mineralisation. Click here to see photos


GSWA in the Goldfields

• Lena Hancock Provenance fingerprinting of gold from the Kurnalpi Goldfield: Preliminary results of mineralogical characteristics of placer gold from the Kurnalpi field to determine the proximity to and the types of primary mineralisation.


Stephen Wyche – A formal stratigraphy for the Eastern Goldfields: A brief introduction of the new formal stratigraphy for the Eastern Goldfields with an update on current progress.


• Hugh Smithies – Geochemical barcoding of Eastern Goldfields stratigraphy: Preliminary results of a detailed study using geochemistry designed to characterise Eastern Goldfields, the new formal Eastern Goldfields stratigraphy.

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Mark Doyle (Chief Geologist, AngloGold Ashanti) – Tropicana: and integrated approach to understanding granulite-hosted gold.

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• Gerard Tripp (Consultant Economic Geologist) – Gold camps in the world class Kalgoorlie district, Western Australia: deposit styles, geological controls and key concepts for exploration.

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GSWA in the Goldfields

Stephen Wyche – Mineral distribution in the Yilgarn reflected in large-scale datasets


Lauren Burley – The geology of the Fisher East komatiite-hosted nickel sulphide deposit.


• Catherine Spaggiari – Exposing the Eucla basement: what separates the Albany-Fraser Orogen and the Gawler Craton?

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Greg Tossel (Senior Exploration Geologist, Gold Fields) –

The Invincible story: from discovery hole to million ounce+ resource in under two years. Click here to see photos


• John Bartlett (General Manager – Exploration, Sirius Resources NL) – Nova: the discovery and geology of a globally significant magmatic Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposit. Click here to see photos


John Donaldson (Principal Resource Geologist, Gold Road Resources Limited) – Geology and discovery of the Gruyere Gold Deposit. Click here to see photos


Dave Nixon (Senior Exploration Geologist, KCGM) –

Geology of the Kalgoorlie Goldfield. Click here to see photos



Darren Cooke (Geology and Long Term Planning Manager, Northern Star Resources Ltd) –

Unlocking the potential of the Kundana

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