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18 November 2021

Guest speaker:

Celia Guergouz


Talk: The Duketon Belt: New Release

20 May 2021

Guest speaker:

Louis Gauthier


Talk: Golden Mile Architecture and timing relationships

12th March 2020

Guest speaker: Sarah Jones


Talk: Unravelling the D1 event: Evidence for early granite-up, greenstone-down tectonics in the Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia

28th November 2019

Guest speaker: Ivan Zibra


Talk: The Eastern Goldfields High Resolution Seismic Survey: preliminary interpretation and tectonic implications

3rd October 2019

Guest speaker: Scott Halley


Talk: Geochemical signatures of Archean Gold Deposits

4th August 2019

Guest speaker: Marcus Harden


Talk: The Bellevue Gold Project – A Forgotten Treasure


Guest speaker: Simon Bolster


Talk: The “Regolith Factor” in mineral exploration and practical ways of dealing with it, with emphasis on the Eastern Goldfields

30 May 2019
RaglanGeoLecture30May19 (5 of 53).jpg
07 March 2019

Guest speaker: Sarah Jones


Talk: Deformation and mineralisation in the Agnew district: Evidence of D1 and D3-related gold deposition

15th November 2018

Geological Survey of Western
Australia presents:

• Klaus Gessner

• Hugh Smithies

• IMDEX Exploration Geologist of the Year award 2018

RaglanTalk (22 of 41).jpg
8th March 2018

Guest speaker: Gerard Tripp


Talk: Gidji Lake Formation - Key Stratigraphic marker for World Class Gold Deposits of Kalgoorlie

16th March 2017

Guest speaker: Tyron Edgar


Talk: Geology of the Broads Dam Project

1st June 2017

Guest speaker: Martin Gole


Talk: Komatiite facies variations in the Eastern Goldfields: implications for Ni mineralization

16th November 2017

Guest speaker: 

• Lena Hancock

• Stephen Wyche

• Hugh Smithies

25th February 2016

Guest speaker: Mark Doyle


Talk: Tropicana: an integrated approach to

granulite-hosted gold

26th May 2016

Guest speaker: Gerard Tripp


Talk: Gold camps in the world class Kalgoorlie district, Western Australia – deposit styles, geological controls and key concepts for exploration.

10th November 2016

Guest speaker:

• Stephen Wyche

• Lauren Burley

• Catherine Spaggiari


12th March 2015

Guest speaker: Greg Tossel


Talk: The Invincible story: From discovery hole to million ounce + resource in under two years

28th May 2015

Guest speaker: John Bartlett


Talk: The discovery and geology of a globally significant magmatic Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposit

27th August 2015

Guest speaker:

John Donaldson


Talk: Geology and discovery of the Gruyere Gold Deposit

10th December 2015

Guest speaker:

Dave Nixon


Talk: Geology of the Kalgoorlie Goldfield

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